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Scratchcards know most of tobacco shops or small kiosks, there you can buy for a lottery games, but also scratch cards with „small“ profit opportunities. However, there is also the chance to play scratch cards online without having to leave the house. There are very interesting scratchcard providers in this segment of scratch cards.


How do you play Scratchcards?

You basically play scratchcards online the same way you know them from scratch cards or scratch cards from the kiosk. You have 6 fields that are free to rub. A win waits when three of the 6 boxes show the same symbol or value. This is the same for offline as for online scratchcard. Only there are enormous differences in the possibilities of playing these games.

Everybody knows that, you can see the small scratch cards in the lottery and you think there might be a small profit in it. However, the € 0.50 or € 1 is too bad to take this chance. On the way home you get annoyed a little because you did not buy one. At this point, the online scratch cards come into play. Because online scratchcards can be played at any time.

Only here there are gradations. On the one hand, there is the option to play for free or for a small registration to play real winnings for free. Both certainly have merits. But what makes the decision to register easier next to the real profit opportunities are the Bonusi which the online scratch card providers offer their customers. Often it looks like every new player gets € 5 or even € 7 for free. With those you can then play without hesitation. Just try it out.


How to win with online Scratchcards?

To make a profit with online scratch cards, you should keep a close eye on a few things. Skeptics say right now that winning online games with scratchcards is based on pure luck, and it certainly includes a portion of it. However, profits are in the potential. Let’s say you play a dice game.

To win or receive a prize, you must roll a 6. If you roll only once, you have a chance of winning 1-0. However, you could increase your chance of winning if you use the die multiple times. As multiple dice, you increase the chance to hit the 6 and thus clear the profit.

The same is true when playing online scratchcard games. They log in, do a game and leave the area again. Your chances of winning are worse here than if you played the game several times.

The advantage of online scratch cards is that it is often cheaper than getting a scratch card in the newsagent on the corner. In the newspaper shop, a scratch card often costs € 1 – € 2, for this amount you can play several times online (10 or 20 games), which of course increases your chances of winning.

Tip: Play free scratch cards more often for free, so that you can learn a strategy which you can then apply. And with a bit of luck on your part, the road to the lucky online scratchcards – ticket winner is not far away …


Why is rubbing scratch cards so interesting?

This question is probably many. But only everyone can answer for themselves. However, scratch cards have the advantages that the win or not win is displayed immediately. Because only 6 fields are freebranched here. Some games still have extra fields for the amount that can be won. This varies from game to game.

Playing Scratchcard games is also interesting because you do not need or use any strategy to play. This makes the game as simple as captivating.


Play Scratchcards for free and win

Gratorama is a great provider, you will find an extensive selection of different games, stunning promotions and € 7 free entry, without having to make a deposit. So you can play scratch cards for free and get to know and discover more fascinating games.

With such a € 7 bonus you can play real money games without using your own money. Gratorama offers most of the games for free, only the latest games can be played in the VIP Club at the beginning. The registration in the VIP Club is always possible for you, the advantage is not only in the latest scratch card games, but also for larger win.

Win at sweepstakes works …

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Just try Scratch Cards or Scratch Cards and you’ll get different payouts with Online Scratch Cards. From smaller sums of money up to 1,000,000 euros just waiting to be won over with the correct fields.

The odds of making a profit are quite high, you do not even have to go outside, pick a provider, choose the game and hit the button, it does not take much.

On our site you will find a wide selection of free offers, where you get € 5 to € 7 free to play. You simply log in to one of the scratch card providers offered on our site and use your free money or scratchcards without having to deposit anything.

Take the chance for great winnings up to a fat jackpot. All providers on our site are at your disposal, get the fun with online scratch cards home. The tension is to break when you have cleared the first box. What is stopping you? You do not have to deposit anything, just enter your email address.


Scratchcards conclusion

Scratch cards are an ingenious variant in addition to the many browser games to provide for a little change in the professional life or in the spare time. If you play scratch cards for free, then you are inwardly pleased about the profit and got a positive appeal. However, real profits are no less beautiful, if not the icing on the cake. Interesting variants of scratch card games can be found in online casinos today.




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