What’s the difference between scratch cards and online casinos?

Scratchcards knows as well as anyone in Germany. They are well-known everywhere and are offered for sale at every fair. But the chances of winning are pretty low. Even though there are now online scratchcards, you should rather stay away from it, if you really want to play with reason and a system behind it.
Although the factor of comfort and an alleged payout ratio of 90 to 95% is advertised, it looks quite different in reality. From player reports it can be seen that the payout ratio is about 50%. So much less than a normal online casino.
The profits can pay off with respectable providers immediately, but also here the profits are not breathtaking. If you still want to draw a ticket now and then for fun, you should definitely make sure that the online casino can provide a license.
Reputable online casinos give their license number directly on their homepage, so that the users do not have to look for it extra. A good example of such a reputable online casino is, for example, NetEnd Casino Online, where you have full transparency and can always control everything.

What are the advantages of an online casino?

The advantages of an online casino are above all the large selection and the diversity. If you do not know yet which game you are best at, you can first test a little bit on the slot machine and then, step by step, find out what is best for you.
Even community games come at an online casino not too short, which can not be talked about in a scratch card. If you want, you can invite your best friends to a cozy round of blackjack in one click. Poker is also found at most and usual online casinos at home.
Benefit the most, but new customers with a rich welcome bonus. This varies from online casino to online casino. If you want to find out which online casino offers you the best and greatest bonus as a new customer, we recommend independent comparison sites. So you can find out in one click which casino is best for you.

Scratchcards and Online Casinos Conclusion

In summary, it can be said that online or offline scratch cards are nice, but rather less suitable for strategic profit. Especially if you want to plan long term, or even with the idea of ​​an online casino to earn a living.



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