Sports Betting Bet Types

Sports betting is very popular because in recent years, more and more people have been excited about it. Of course, this is also due to the large offer on the Internet. Most who are unfamiliar with sports betting think that betting is purely a game of chance. However, you should also take into account that just like the betting offer is great, as well as the sports betting types are very diverse.

One of the most popular sports bets bet types – single bet

In single bets you only bet on one betting event, so that you can already win the bet when only one prediction arrives. Therefore, the single bet is the easiest and also the most popular betting opportunity. More than 75 percent of the betting revenue generated by the providers with bets on the various individual events. This type generally offers the highest chances of winning, whereby the to be reached betting profit is limited. It is different when typing absolute outsiders. The betting profit is calculated by multiplying the corresponding wager with the betting odds.

Accumulator bet

Another possibility of the sports bet types is the combination bet, in which you bet on at least two different betting events. Only if you are right with all the predictions, you have won and paid the profit. The maximum number of betting events to be combined depends on the provider and his betting regulations. The bet profit is calculated in the combined bet by multiplying the bet with the corresponding odds of all the tips. In combination bets you can already achieve high betting profits with fairly low stakes. Of course you should also remember that compared to the single bet only a single wrong tip can lead to the total loss of wager.

System bet

System bets combine in a systematic way a number of multiples you select. These sportsbook bet types are particularly suitable for advanced sports weather, which are familiar with the matter due to the complexity and time-consuming calculation of wagers and winnings.

Place bet – popular in horse betting

In place bets you bet on the placement of a particular athlete or a team, for example, in the horse bet on certain horses. Place bets are offered in a variety of forms. For example, you can bet on the next German Champion or on which rider occupies 10th place in the Formula 1 race. The betting rate determines, as with the single bet, the bookmaker.

Live betting – the sports betting types with the big thrill

With live bets you bet on how a result will probably turn out. You can usually even see the live broadcast of the corresponding game. The special thing about this species is that you can still bet during the game. The odds change almost every second, as they are always matched to the current score. The offer is very large, but the football bet is the most popular.

Bonus bets

Numerous bookmakers offer the new customers an attractive betting bonus, which can amount to up to 150 euros and is usually coupled to a deposit in the same amount or double the sum. Some providers also allow their loyal customers to use a bonus system. With a certain number of points reached, these can then be exchanged for a balance or bets.


There are now many different types of sports bets that can be used. In order to decide individually which are the best, careful preparation, research and experience play an important role.


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