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Certainly many sports fans dream of earning their monthly income with sports betting. Some people may succeed, but the proportion of the weather that can live on it is very small. Nevertheless, this possibility should be examined in more detail, because a small merit, incidentally, can not hurt.

Where do sportsbook providers exist and how do they differ?

There are plenty of sportsbook providers on the Internet and the selection is not easy for new entrants. However, there are features that can be used to separate the wheat from the chaff. First, there are the quotas. There are already the first distinctions. The extent to which this affects the profit, of course, depends on the amount of the bet. Also, you should pay attention to the betting offer in the selection of the provider. For some weather, tapping on live bets is a special thrill. Live betting has the advantage of being able to bet on a specific outcome during the sporting event. The interesting thing is that the odds change during a game. That is what makes the charm. Most sportsbook providers have live bets in the program, but in many cases the selection is limited.



Top Sportsbook Providers in 2018

Provider Rating Bonus without deposit Sports types Deposit Bonus To the Provider
1 5/5 n/a +90 100% up to €120 Now Start
2 5/5 n/a +34 100% up to €100 Now Start
3 5/5 n/a +40 100% up to €100 Now Start
4 Wetten ist unser Sport 5/5 n/a
+60 100% up to €100 Now Start
5 5/5 n/a
+90 100% up to €200 Now Start
6 5/5 n/a
+90 100% up to €200 Now Start
7 5/5 €5


100% up to €100 Now Start

5/5 n/a


100% up to 5BTC Now Start

5/5 n/a


100% up to 1BTC Now Start



How fast will the money be paid?

Whether a bookmaker is good depends on how fast it pays out the winnings. This is best read the customer opinions. These can be found on the various comparison portals for sports betting providers.

The Betting Bonus

Interesting for new customers is the betting bonus offered by many sportsbook providers to their new customers. But here is also caution, because the highest bonus is not necessarily the best. It is important how often the bonus has to be implemented before it even comes to a payout. In plain language, this means that at the provider „X“ the betting bonus must be implemented three times, while the provider „Y“ eight times the bonus must be bet before it comes to a profit distribution.

The design of the website of a Sports Betting Provider

Many websites of sportsbook providers are overloaded and therefore slow. This can especially affect live bets, where ultimately speed matters. It does not help if you want to place a new bet, and the site is built up so slowly that in the meantime, the result has changed again.

Be careful with Sports Betting

It goes without saying that you should be careful with the amount of wager. Certainly, it is a special attraction when typing on the outsider who also brings a high rate at a profit. The higher the set amount, the higher the profit will be. The shot can quickly go backwards. Betting a high sum on a result is reckless. It is safer to score less, but for more sporting events. If you want to filter out the best sportsbook provider, you just have to look at the comparison portals and nothing stands in the way of your first win.


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