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Sportsbook Provider – Bwin Review

Sports betting was once assigned only to the rich and wealthy. Today everyone has the chance to seek their luck in sports betting. There are a lot of providers in terms of sports betting. That’s why I’d like to share my experience with Bwin, as I think it’s one of the best sportsbook providers on the market.

My sportsbook Bwin review

Bwin currently has more than 10.4 million users in its customer base. Of course, the provider must therefore be able to maintain a certain standard. With a payout ratio of 94 percent, Bwin has a very high standard. The bonus for new customers can also be proud of – 100 percent with a deposit of max. 100 euros. The bonus is a kind of welcome gift, which you receive depending on the deposit value. At Bwin, these are just 100 percent. But not only for new customers Bwin holds a bonus ready. There is a 50 percent bonus if you promote a new customer and they sign up for Bwin.


BwinCom Sports Betting


The offers of Bwin

With this sports betting Bwin report, you also get an insight on the entire betting offer of Bwin. The most important bets are football bets and horse betting. Germany is one of the countries where football plays a fundamental role in the lives of its inhabitants. That’s why at Bwin you can also play football bets from the World Cup – if it takes place – to the league game. But sports such as rugby or basketball, handball, tennis and many more edge sports more can be set with high odds. In addition to sports betting, Bwin offers an online casino. In it you can be wooed by a typical casino flair. For games there are any slots, poker and of course other interesting casino games.

Customer service is very important

At Bwin, a lot of customer service is important. Payment methods are available from Paypal to the typical credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa, Paysafecard, EntroPay or the traditional bank transfer. There is something for every taste and can be chosen individually. When paying Bwin is just as flexible and offers numerous payment options. If you have a question, customer service is available. This can be reached by live chat, hotline or by e-mail – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, you will receive information about the mobile app and additional services in this sports betting Bwin report.

The mobile app and additional services

With Bwin you have found a flexible sports betting provider. Because in addition to the numerous opportunities to set sports bets, you can use the mobile app. On the tablet or the smartphone, you can now play sports bets on the go or, even more importantly, monitor live bets. Bwin also offers you live bets that you can follow via the livestream. With the mobile app, the live betting can be easily tracked outside the home. Bwin is one of the providers with whom you can bet sports bets anytime, anywhere. A negative point, however, there are in my sports bet Bwin experience report yet to mention: If you win the betting tax of 5 percent to pay yourself.


BwinCom Sports Betting

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